Monthly Archives: March 2013

Can over list price offers back fire?

Are you currently in this same predicament where you have been looking for a house and writing offers but not getting anywhere for the last few months? Is your excitement to own a home (or a new home) diminishing, rejection after rejection? Is the number of offers written ramping up to the double digits? If you’ve answered yes to this we may have the answer for you. In our San Diego market, it is very likely that a buyer will...

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Save Thousands on Your San Diego Home Loan

Save Thousands on Your San Diego Loan Save thousands on your San Diego Home loan. That’s right, you can cut years off of your loan balance, if you are willing to take certain steps. Check out the great Infographic for the details on how much you can save! They say that knowledge is power, and indeed, this information will help you shorten the term of you loan in San Diego.

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Now that you’re in escrow, how do you find a good home inspector?

Buying a house is the biggest purchase you’ll likely ever make. That’s why you want the best possible home inspector in your corner to tell you whether that cute Craftsman is your dream home … or a lemon with a rotting foundation and a shaky chimney. But first, how do you know if an inspector is rock-solid? There’s a lot riding on the person you choose, after all. “You’ve got one shot at having the home looked at by a...

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